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TMarquise Entertainment

TMarquise Entertainment, established in January 2000 by Robert Williams, is an award-winning music company aimed at providing a flexible business model that can quickly adjust to the modern artist’s ever-changing needs.



Comments about Robert Williams

They are charting on Hip Hop and R&B charts with the help of Robert Williams of TMarquise Entertainment who is one of the industry's promising entertainment & management companies.  August 22, 2013


From the beginning, you put your all into Me and my career. We have seen some remarkable ups, some downs and everything in between. Throughout it all you have never given up ,always believed in my gift and invested your all into Me. I really cant tell you how much that means to me. You are a rare man Robert Williams. Believe Me... everyone should be so lucky to have someone like you in their corner. I know we havent even seen what God has to come for US .... I still believe its bigger than we can imagine. I pray that God continue to expand your territory. I Am truly thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving :) November 22, 2012


“Robert is an extremely dedicated individual with a very strong work ethic. He knows how to find talent, hone their skills, and then help them reach their goals and dreams of being seen by the masses. Through his extensive database, Robert is the man to know when looking to get into the music industry and you can rest assured knowing that his diligence and professionalism will help you in your journey to stardom.” May 10, 2012

"Rob, you are one of the most supportive people of fine talent and of SNJ. You are definitely an inspiration. I'm so glad u taped Barb's footage at LGF. I salute you". March 2012

"Your incredibly thoughtful and insightful manager Robert" January 2012

“Robert is a great talent manager. I continue to do business with his primary artist Barbara Sheree.” September 29, 2011

Robert Williams is an expert in his field & some one who gives results . I highly recommend Robert to be considered for any job or contract for his work in internet, technology and the arts. He has the knowledge, experience and the adaptability to produce the results needed for any task set before him. He is very professional and dedicated and and above all he is a people person. His positive enthusiasm expertise and motivation to others around him to be reach to the next level of success. A company or a business would gain an asset to there business platform. I highly recommend Robert Williams.  May 26, 2011

“Robert is very professional and is always concise. I love that he's straight to the point and knows what he wants when he contacts me for work. Even when we need a moment or I need a moment to brainstorm a concept his feedback is timely! It's always a pleasure doing business with him because whatever he says he's going to do, he does. 
I can't wait to work with him again! I advise anyone who is truly serious about working with him to be prepared to take notes and effectively apply them.” March 20, 2011


She is blessed to have a proactive, professional manager like you.  I'm surprised I am not contacted by more managers,we  journalists LOVE when a story comes to us!
Are you taking on more clients?  If so, let me know what you are looking for so i can send them your way.  You're good. - March 8, 2011

“Great music manager with great artists. Professional all the way!” August 6, 2010

"Robert is an excellent manger of talent in many genres. He also has superlative technical skills. He's creative, honest, pleasant and just an all around great guy who really enjoys helping others achieve their dreams.” March 6, 2010
"Robert is an absolute people magnet! He is a very hard worker- never sleeps. I have had the pleasure of listening to the work of an artist he represents, Barbara Sheree, and it is very well done! Continued success!” July 9, 2008
“Robert, is the epitome of what a true friend is. I have worked with TMarquise Entertainment on a number of projects - his integrity, commitment and love for the buisness is second to none. He is a rare jewel in the entertainment industry.” April 22, 2008